About #CAFMeetTheArtist:

The #CAFMeetTheArtist campaign is your opportunity to step into the spotlight. Share insights into your artistic journey, inspirations, and the essence of your creations. Let art enthusiasts connect with the mind behind the masterpiece.

Participate in #MeetTheArtist:

To be part of this captivating campaign, follow these steps:

  1. Show Your Process: Share video footages of yourself during the creative process. Videos should be in portrait format (ratio 9:16) to align with our platform preferences.

  2. Showcase Your Art: Provide images or video clips showcasing your artworks. These visuals will offer a glimpse into your artistic world.

  3. Share Your Story: Record a 1-2 minute video or sound recording discussing various aspects of your art journey. Topics can include your techniques, sources of inspiration, unique style, upcoming projects, and what sets you apart. Alongside, include a brief 15-30 word description.

Submission Details: Submit your content through email (jpeg files), Dropbox, Google Drive, or WeTransfer to email below. We're excited to share your voice and vision with our engaged audience.

Your art and story deserve to be celebrated. Join us in illuminating the creative path that leads to your masterpieces.

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